Murphy and Craig.jpgThis month’s SALT Pet of the Month is none other than Murphy, one of a trio of dogs that occupy (some say run) the household of Craig and Laura Stroh. Craig is a loyal SALT Shaker reader and the senior manager of state income tax compliance for Emerson Electric Co. in Saint Louis.

Murphy is a 10-year-old basset hound/German shepherd mix. He possesses the long, low body of a basset, but his head and face quickly reveal the shepherd in him. Murphy is known as the resident “Mole Slayer” in the Strohs’ subdivision because his favorite pastime is to search for and catch The Moleslayer at Work.jpgmoles in the Strohs’ yard—hence his unofficial motto: “Chicks Dig Me—Moles Fear Me.” Although most of Murphy’s catches take place above ground, he will not hesitate to get his paws dirty and do serious excavating if moles are underground. The damage done to the lawn by Murphy’s digging usu¬ally exceeds the damage done by the moles themselves.

When not on mole patrol, Murphy spends his day on the living room couch. Like most professional couch potatoes, Murphy is content to hold court there until dinnertime, when he eagerly joins the family in the kitchen at the first sound of food being prepared.