Meet Sora! Our May Pet of the Month is a delightful, seven-year-old rescue pup belonging to Marji Gordon-Brown, Vice President and Associate Tax Counsel at MacAndrews & Forbes. Marji is also the senior vice president of TEI’s New York Chapter.

While Sora’s exact breed is unknown, we do know he’s pup-dorable. The shelter gave him his name, and Marji’s best guess is that he’s a shepherd and beagle mix.

In addition to being at least 60 pounds, he loves to eat just about anything, which makes walking him in his native Manhattan – filled with outdoor dining – a bit of a challenge.

He especially loves snacks with a crunch, like apples and carrots. According to Marji, as soon as he hears the sound of a knife hitting the cutting board, he runs into the kitchen to see if he can get a nibble!

Beyond his daily trips to the dog park, he loves to sunbathe, howl at passing sirens and play with any toys that squeak.

We’re so glad Sora has joined our Pet of the Month club!