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Meet Scout, the handsome 13-year-old German Short Hair belonging to Denise Helmken, Sr. Manager, State Income and Franchise Tax at General Mills. Denise inherited Scout three and a half years ago. Since he is an indoor dog and a sweetheart, how tough could he be? Well, during his first week at home, Scout managed to put a three foot-hole in the screen door when he decided he had enough of the outdoors and was ready to be back inside. Thankfully, he has since learned to wait for the door to be opened for him and has not made additional doggy doors.

Scout will warm his way into your heart, even if you are not a dog person. Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Scout 1.jpgScout enjoys dining on just about anything that’s edible and is the perfect height for eating directly off the counter if you are not watching. He has helped himself to more than one dessert and has eaten an entire stick of butter. He’s also been caught foraging for treats in Denise’s purse and has chewed packs of gum and tubes of chapstick.

This sweet boy considers himself a lap dog and is an avid TV viewer – Scout’s favorite program is “Too Cute” on Animal Planet. Scout is so pleased to be February’s Pet of the Month!