Scout on pier.jpgMeet Scout, this month’s Pet of the Month, submitted through our SALT Shaker App by the founder of the State Tax Foundation, Gary Peric.

A real cutie of a pup, Scout is a mini Golden Doodle. Born in 2014 to a Golden Retriever mother and a miniature Poodle father, Scout celebrated his second birthday this month. Happy birthday, Scout!

The Perics, who have relocated to the Chicagoland area from Tampa, named their sweet pup in anticipation of their son’s attainment of the rank of Eagle Scout.

Scout has been with the Perics since he was eight weeks old, and they have enjoyed watching him grow up. He is a wonderful buddy and loves playing with other dogs as well as with all of the neighborhood kids.

Scout’s favorite activity is lying on the pier at the family’s home in Indiana. Scout also enjoys playing with his half-sister Wrigley (previously featured as SALT Pet of the Month in September 2015). The two siblings are inseparable and continue to share a unique talent of standing on their hind legs and waving to people with their front paws (likely from the poodle in them). 

Scout on pier head down.jpg

Scout is so very happy to be May’s Pet of the Month!    

Scout with Wrigley.jpg