Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ClayWithSam.jpgMeet Samwise Fleming (Sam for short), the lovable eight-year-old Golden Retriever belonging to Clay Fleming of Revel Consulting. Sam has been with Clay since he was just a pup – coming home to reside in the Pacific Northwest in July 2006.

Known for its many scenic outdoor activities, Woodinville, Washington, is a popular spot for hot air balloon enthusiasts, but Sam is definitely not one of them! While out on a walk one day, Sam saw a hot air balloon and immediately dropped to his belly, his legs splayed out at his sides. Clay had to struggle to drag (and eventually carry) Sam home from his walk. Years later, after moving to Whidbey Island, poor Sam would see a blimp and have nearly the same reaction.  Thumbnail image for Sam 1.jpg

This sweet boy enjoys belly scratches, and he and his owner both share a passion for playing with bright shiny objects for hours on end. As for musical interests, Sam has a fondness for the greats, and enjoys crooners, especially Frank Sinatra. Sam is thrilled to be September’s Pet of the Month!

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