What do you get when you cross a Bernese Mountain Dog with a poodle? A pup so fluffy she doesn’t even look real! This month’s SALT pet belongs to Jennifer Zimmerman, Senior Manager of State Tax Audits and Controversy at Walgreens.

Rosie is a one-year-old Bernedoodle who pawed her way into the Zimmerman family’s hearts in March of 2020, thanks to a breeder in southeast Michigan.

Rosie’s middle name is a tribute to Hermoine from the Harry Potter series, thanks to popular vote by her family. However, with her soft fur, she’s earned herself the nickname of “fluff nugget.”

Beyond exploring through off-leash nature walks with her humans, she loves to chow down on any kind of meat – ham and steak are two favorites!

Don’t let her sweet brown eyes fool you, though. She likes to stir up her own brand of trouble. When she isn’t barking at random noises outside at night, she likes to grab food that isn’t meant for her. This has resulted in consumption of chocolate cake and a chicken skewer, with two vet visits to match. However, this mischief is well worth it for her puppy love.

We’re happy to highlight this fluff nugget for our March Pet of the Month!