Meet Rosey, an Australian labradoodle and our April SALT Pet of the Month! Like a fine wine, Rosey keeps getting better with age. As cute as she is cuddly, she recently celebrated her first birthday with her parents – Michell Rodriguez, Director of Corporate Tax at Costco, and Wayne Monfries, Senior Vice President of Global Tax at Visa.

Rosey earned her name because of her coloring. It’s similar to Michell and Wayne’s favorite wine, rosé, and their favorite color of roses.

When she isn’t destroying a stuffed animal, she loves to chew on Bully Sticks and has recently developed a fondness for peanut butter. Beyond an affinity for good treats, she likes long walks on the beach, playing fetch in the house and hiding her favorite toys for her paw-rents to find.

They often locate her chew sticks in the couch, in chairs or hiding behind the pillows in bed. She also hides her green balls (which smell like bacon!) under beds, cabinets and other sneaky locations.

In addition to her playful mischief, she loves people and other dogs, and likes to sit on the stairs outside Wayne’s home office, waiting to bark at everyone in the neighborhood.

We’re happy to welcome Rosey to the SALT Pet of the Month club!