Meet Rock, Paper and Scissors—beloved pets of SALT Partner Marc Simonetti. 

Marc loves his pets, but they demand a large amount of attention and only thrive in office environments. But Marc doesn’t mind bringing them to work because they are excellent helpers when it comes to keeping Marc on task. Rock, Paper and Scissors are “office pets” since they require a large desk on which to play, and scissors doesn’t do well with Marc’s young children at home.

Marc rescued Rock, who is actually a SALT rock breed, from a local restaurant famous for “cold cheese pizza.” Paper was stuck in the printer outside of Marc’s office for more than a week before Marc came to her rescue. Marc adores her despite her wrinkles. Scissors followed Marc home from lacrosse practice last fall, and they’ve been buddies ever since.

All three have unique quirks that make Marc a proud pet-owner, and he loves bragging to his colleagues. Rock is subdued and likes to sit in a sunny spot by the window. Paper likes to have her tummy rubbed and helps Marc keep his office organized. Scissors is a very good hip-hop dancer—he can really “cut a rug”!