R with Stephen.jpgMeet Reesie, the nine-year-old Persian cat belonging to Sutherland SALT associate Stephen Burroughs and his wife Jennifer.

The two have owned Reesie since the early days of their marriage when Reesie was just a kitten. According to Stephen, the cat is the embodiment of their first major marriage compromise. Stephen did not want a pet. Jennifer wanted a dog. R single.jpgThey settled on (what Stephen thought would be) a low-maintenance alternative. Stephen grew up with a cat and knew that for the most part, cats did not have to be taken outside for potty breaks or be house trained. A cute fluffy kitty seemed like a reasonable compromise; however, it turned out that Stephen is allergic to cats. Because of Stephen’s allergies, Reesie is shaved twice a year. She hates the process, but loves the result and interacts with the family more in the three to four weeks after a new haircut.  

As a kitten, Reesie survived a leap from the second story of their apartment balcony. She landed on her feet, of course. But out of precaution, she has remained an indoor-only cat, which suits Reesie just fine since her days consist of sleeping, taking periodic breaks to eat and sitting on Jennifer’s lap.  

Reesie is grateful to be chosen as December’s Pet of the Month and wishes everyone a Happy New Year!