up square.jpgMeet Raven, the lovely Labrador retriever belonging to Sacramento SALT receptionist Sheryl Burns and her family. Raven turns 14 in April and has been a member of the Burns household since she was only six weeks old.


Also known as Ravey Gravy and Nini Bear, Raven will not hesitate to lick visitors, and she loves to drink out of the toilet. She is a very sociable girl who wants to be where the action is and stays near Sheryl and her husband almost constantly when they’re at home.

In her younger years, Raven spent her days on squirrel patrol, happily chasing squirrels away from the yard. These days, her hips don’t allow her to run and jump like she used to, so she prefers to nap in the sun or carry around her babies (toys). Currently, her favorite toy is her quail, and if she can’t find her quail, her penguin will do.


This sweet senior gal is honored to be February’s Pet of the Month!