MorganTimRoo.jpgMeet Raleigh, also known as Roo, the seven-year-old cuddly companion of Morgan Lendino (Time Warner Cable) and her husband, Tim. Raleigh has been by Morgan’s side since college and was an excellent study partner throughout law school. Although he would surely prefer that we not highlight them, Raleigh has many cat-like qualities. In the morning, Morgan has to force him outside, and once back inside, Raleigh is content to sleep all day until Morgan or Tim returns home from work. It is also a requirement that Raleigh have a window perch so he can observe the outside world. RaleighBasket2.jpgDespite his feline tendencies, Raleigh is completely unaware that he is a small dog and enjoys playing with the “big kids” in the neighborhood. His other favorite pastimes include playing with any toy that squeaks, especially farm animals (he is from the Midwest, after all), and watching animal shows, movies and University of Kansas basketball games.He proudly sports his Jayhawks collar during basketball season and has been known to stand up on his hind legs and bark when he sees his favorite shows. With an acute sense of hearing, Raleigh can hear a jar of peanut butter opening from miles away and will be at your feet begging for a treat when he hears his favorite sound.