Precious2.JPGMeet Precious Mackey (a/k/a Ms. P), who weighs in at 14 pounds of pure cattitude! Precious is not so fond of humans, having little use for anyone except her owner, Washington SALT secretary extraordinaire Kerrie Mackey, who is allowed to feed, brush, and occasionally rub Ms. P’s ears. But do not even think about carrying or snuggling with this Pet of the Month – even Kerrie’s husband, Marvin, cannot so much as pet Ms. P most of the time.

Precious is a little fuzzy about her age but thinks she is about five years old. She was rescued from a shelter by the Mackeys’ daughter, who promptly left and went back to England. How she could bear to leave this adorable girl is a mystery, but it worked out well for Kerrie and Marvin – and for Ms. P, who enjoys lounging by the Mackeys’ pool.Precious 1.jpg

While some may think Precious is the most unlovable Pet of the Month, she did not earn the honor because of her charm, but rather for her good looks and skills. A gorgeous Maine Coon, Ms. P has beautiful long hair and the most purrfect fur balls you can imagine (Marvin absolutely loves them). And shhhh (she has a feisty feline reputation to protect, you know), but occasionally Ms. P does let her guard down and shows Kerrie and Marvin how much she cares. After all, every cat needs a good backrub sometimes!