Penny 1.JPGPenny, a Tibetan terrier, made the move from California to Washington, D.C., one year ago to become a Sutherland SALT pet. Penny enjoys an active social life, with daily visits from her walker, Charlie, and weekly walks Penny 2.JPGwith her play group around Dupont Circle. Pilar notes that Penny is the smartest and most playful dog she has ever owned (and she is not Pilar’s first dog): “I often see her sizing me up, trying to decide whether she really needs to cooperate with my requests—most often she refuses, but in a very sweet and mischievous way. You can’t help but laugh.” Although she is not eligible for frequent flyer miles, Penny is an expert traveler, having logged roughly 75,000 miles on United with trips to visit family and friends before settling down in D.C.