Pico-2_updated.jpgMeet Pico, the four–year-old Terrier mix belonging to Sutherland State and Local Tax Associate Stephanie Do and her husband, Ben. They adopted this sweet girl over Christmas three-and-a-half years ago when she was left at a Baltimore fire station as a puppy.

Stephanie and Ben were told that their new puppy would become a large dog so they held off on naming her. When they realized that their pup had maxed out at 25 to 30 pounds and was not going to be a big dog, Ben, a chemical engineer, named her “Pico” – a metric measurement for one trillionth – i.e., really small.

Stephanie-Pico_updated.jpgPico is a very fast and agile girl who is known for scaling six-foot fences and climbing trees in her pursuit of squirrels. She loves to accompany her parents on long hikes and runs, and if she had it her way, this sociable girl would spend every waking moment with her mom and dad.

When she’s not busy chasing squirrels, she enjoys playing with/destroying her toys. Her favorite toys are the stuffed ones; she likes to poke a hole in them and then tear out all of the stuffing.

Pico is honored to be featured as Pet of the Month!