Meet Petunia, the adorable six-month-old French Bulldog belonging to Sutherland SALT Associate Jessica Allen and her fiancé, Erik. Jessica and Erik adopted Petunia at eight weeks old, so they have enjoyed seeing her grow up!



Petunia loves her people and enjoys laps and snuggle time immensely. She is a curious, sociable puppy and thinks Jessica’s three horses are just really big dogs. Only one of the three tolerates her puppy antics and will acknowledge Petunia when she visits the stables.

Naps, treats and toys are at the top of Petunia’s daily to-do list. She sniffs along the ground searching for food like a little piggy rooting for truffles. And when it’s play time, Petunia prefers the random limbs and scraps of her worn-out toys rather than her new ones.


This little cutie is so excited to be September’s Pet of the Month!