Meet the newest member of our Eversheds Sutherland SALT Team, Olive, a French bulldog adopted by Partner Michele Borens less than two weeks ago. This Quarantine Frenchie pup is still only about 10 weeks old, but she is already starting to make her presence felt amongst our SALT team.

There was a lot of initial debate between Michele and her daughters on what this adorable puppy’s name should be. Ultimately, her youngest daughter won that debate, and chose the name Olive.

Olive, or “Ollie” as she has affectionately come to be known, has become a regular on SALT team video calls. She is really enjoying her remote orientation to the team. She particularly enjoys nap time, a special perk reserved only for young puppies on the team (no sleeping for SALT members). Another activity that has quickly become one of her favorite times of the day is lunch time, where she enjoys snacking on toes, shoes, tree branches and many other non-edible items.

Michele and Olive have quickly developed a great working relationship. We are excited to welcome Olive to our SALT Team and thrilled to feature her as the June SALT Pet of the Month!