Nell 1.JPGMeet Nell, the adorable new Aussie/Great Pyrenees puppy belonging to Doug Mo, Of Counsel on the SALT team in Sutherland’s Sacramento office. Nell was rescued along with her mother and six brothers and sisters from a woodpile by Big Dog Rescue in Sonoma County. Since settling into her new home, Nell has been nicknamed “The Puppy Gator” for her reputation as a biter. She loves all of her toys and unfortunately also thinks any shoes or slippers left out also belong to her. Nell hasNell 2.JPG two siblings: Libby, a 12-year-old Border Collie/Aussie mix, and Riley, a Lab/Border Collie mix. Both are also rescues, and Riley is featured on the label of the Mo family’s “Fancy Dog” cabernet, and they donate all profits from the wine back to Big Dog Rescue. Cheers to that!