Thumbnail image for Mustard1.jpg“They allow ponies in this neighborhood?!?” “You could ride him to work!” “He’s bigger than me!” “Put a saddle on that thing!!”

Yea, yea, Mustard (the attention-magnet-only-“child” of Sutherland SALT extern Ted Friedman and his wife, Caroline) has heard it all before…and he no longer takes offense to the horse comments.

Mustard is a 17-month-old Great Dane, who is very proud that he just broke through to the 140+ pound weight class. Despite his imposing stature, his mom’s nickname for him, “Sweet Baby Angel,” is well-deserved. Mustard is the sweetest dog around—a true gentle giant—and is the most popular (and recognizable) dog in the neighborhood.Mustard2.jpg

Mustard laughs at the fact that his coloring (Mantle-Merle) is not recognized by the AKC as “show-quality”… like he needs any more attention! He has no use for a “Best in Show” ribbon and no interest in traveling to the New York Stock Exchange to ring the bell (one of the “perks” of winning the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show).

Mustard spent his formative months in Denver, Colorado, but is now so obsessed with rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers on the D.C. streets that he will likely stay in this city forever. Plus, he loves the international vibe at the dog park.

Mustard has an exquisite palate, which the top-shelf stuff from the pet store cannot always please, and he is not afraid to go on a hunger strike to make his demands known. Consequently, his mom and dad spend a lot of time preparing organic grass-fed ground beef, steel-cut oatmeal, and long-grain brown rice (not the instant kind). Colorado really rubbed off on him.

Mustard is so proud that he is a SALT Pet of the Month…he will be adding it to his resume soon (resumes are a prerequisite for Great Danes trying to rent an apartment in the city). See attached!