Eversheds Sutherland’s newest SALT associate, Lexi Louderback, is bringing more than just her deep knowledge and experience in handling multistate taxation issues to our Sacramento office. Joining Lexi is the other newest member of our SALT family, her adorable pup, Mufasa, named for the large scraggly mane he had sported when first adopted from a shelter in College Station, Texas.

Because there are such few details known about his birth and backstory, Lexi affectionately refers to Mufasa as a “dumpster dog.” Despite his cryptic lineage, Mufasa was always destined to be King of House Louderback. After Lexi watched another family adopt the German shepherd puppy she had her eye on, Mufasa, the true heir to the throne, stepped up to make his claim. Since that day, the two have been best friends.

Lexi and Mufasa are inseparable, regularly exercising together, hanging out on patios, or partaking in Mufasa’s favorite activity – binge-watching Game of Thrones. Mufasa credits the show for influencing his leadership style.

Next time you are in Sacramento, be sure to be on the lookout for Lexi and Mufasa.

We are thrilled to feature Mufasa as our June Pet of the Month!