mollisquare1.JPGMeet Molli, the 11-year-old English Bulldog of Jaimie Lee, Indirect Tax Senior Manager at Uber. Molli is a sociable gal, who would much rather spend time with her two-legged friends and family than other dogs. This special pup loves to be the center of attention and enjoys her life as an only child.

She loves when friends come over to visit and remembers good friends by name. She even manages to make friends while riding in the car. Molli sits in the backseat and looks out the window at her many admirers. Her favorite activities include playing with toys like her tennis ball, squeaky Kong tennis ball, and rope toys for tugging and playing take-away.

Molli burrito.jpg

This social gal has her quirks. Even though she has her own comfy dog bed, she would much rather be in Jaimie’s bed. She likes to burrow her way under all the blankets until her nose is the only thing you can see. She gets called “burrito dog,” when she pulls this move.

Molli is an indoor dog, but loves the outdoors. She enjoys going to the beach, where you’ll find her playing in the sand and occasionally getting soaked by an ocean wave. Her favorite vacation spots are Sonoma, Napa and downtown Seattle where she walks to Pike Place Market. When she’s not on vacation, you can find her outside, soaking up the sun and enjoying the city views.

Molli is thrilled to be featured as June’s Pet of the Month!