Joe and Michele 2.jpgJoe Borens (aka Joe Joe and Chunky Chicken) is a special four-year-old English bulldog and loyal member of the Borens family. He is particularly loved for some of his unique characteristics, including his ability to sleep 23 hours a day, his wall-shaking snoring and his unwillingness to go outside (even for the most basic of reasons). Most importantly he loves to eat (rocks too!). Joe and Michele.jpgWhile the facial characteristics of English Bulldogs can appear intimidating, Joe adores everyone, including small children, and is excited to see strangers. He is a great companion to Michele’s 9- and 10-year-old daughters who commented, “he snuggles very well.” He has attempted (accidentally) on occasion to take a swim with Michele’s daughters, but instead of doggy paddling, Joe just sinks. With spring passing by all too quickly, Joe is gearing up for a long, sleepy summer. He hates the heat, but maybe that will be incentive enough to take swimming lessons!