Meet Martin, a very lucky Jack Russell Terrier who was adopted by SALT legal secretary Candice Alba 13 years ago. This sweet boy was first fostered by a friend of Candice’s who had rescued him from an abusive home. When Candice met the pup, he was hiding under the front seat of her friend’s car, with only his tail and hind legs showing. Candice told her friend, “He’s mine!” and took him home that day. 

Candice_Martin.jpgNamed after singer/songwriter Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, this sweet boy needs no coaxing at mealtime. When it comes to food, he just can’t get enough! He loves to eat and isn’t choosy – he’ll eat whatever is in front of him.

Going outside and being taken on walks are Martin’s favorite activities (after eating, of course). He spends most of his time indoors – and though his greatest love is food – Martin is afraid of the kitchen. At first, Candice thought his fear was limited to only her kitchen until Martin visited her parents and in-laws.

Also on his list of things to avoid are the Alba children. Martin may not be fond of kids, but he certainly enjoys destroying their toys! Candice estimates he owes her at least a few hundred dollars for dolls and stuffed animals ruined over the years.