Our newest SALT associate, Annie Rothschild, might have had to start her new job working from home, but she does get a pretty great office-mate to work alongside with because of it. Meet Marlowe, a 1.5 year-old Goldendoodle. While she’s forced to work from home, Annie and Marlowe have gotten a chance to spend a lot more time together.

Annie and her boyfriend adopted Marlowe in December of 2018, when a local family’s dog had puppies. When searching for a cute and unique name, Annie was inspired by Raymond Chandler’s fictional character Detective Phillip Marlowe.

In-between conference calls and video chats, Marlowe enjoys cuddling on the couch, going on walks and chasing birds. The current work from home situation has Marlowe missing his friends. One of his favorite things to do is play with all of his dog friends.

Marlowe’s first birthday party was held at a local park, and he invited a few of his closest friends to join. The party included its own dog-exclusive birthday cake. After playing with the other dogs for a while, Marlowe ventured off on his own to find a large mud puddle. Marlowe LOVES mud. Before he could be stopped, Marlowe proceeded to lay down in the mud, covering himself almost completely in mud. It’s a moment that everyone considers the best day of his life so far!

We are thrilled to feature Marlowe as our March Pet of the Month!