Breen Schiller recently joined the SALT team as a partner based in the Chicago office and we reached out to her family to get the scoop on Marlin, their two-year old “double doodle.”

Breen’s kids remember exactly what inspired his name. “We named him after that fish movie…Finding Nemo! It is Nemo’s dad.”

When asked when and how Marlin joined the family. Breen’s son (Sullivan, 5), says, “We got him in the summer from people.”

Marlin is usually found playing tug-of-war, fetch or going on walks, but his favorite thing to do is scoop up table scraps thanks to Breen’s daughter Quinn, (7). After all, what better way to get rid of your gross veggies than to hand them off to the pup?

All cuteness aside, he still likes to stir up trouble! He absolutely loves to bark, and he sits by the front window to make sure every passing neighbor knows he is the dog in charge.










One of the biggest surprises up Marlin’s sleeve was his ability to change colors after going to the groomer. “When we dropped him off he was brown, and when we picked him up, he was white!” says daughter Avery (7). Thanks to this magic, Marlin is an adorable mix of both brown and white.

We are so excited to introduce Marlin to the SALT family as our October Pet of the Month!