IMG_1728.jpgMeet Louie, the handsome Maltese belonging to Sacramento SALT Associate Mike Le and his girlfriend Lai. Louie is six years old and maintains his youthful appearance effortlessly with the puppy haircuts he receives from Lai.

Louie has been known to play the “shy guy” around new people and animals when he first meets them. But when it comes to meal time, Louie does not hold back. He LOVES his food. He will growl (though not at all intimidating) and protect his meal at all costs!

IMG_4870.jpgAlso affectionately known as “Bubba,” Louie loves going for walks and playing with his favorite toy – his orange dragon. Another favorite activity of Louie’s – possibly a Pet of the Month first – is taking baths. As soon as he hears Mike say, “bath time,” Louie runs excitedly to the tub. When it’s time to wind down, Louie curls up in his bed on the floor next to Mike and Lai. In the morning, it only takes a few little cries for either Mike or Lai to pick him up and snuggle with him in their bed!

We are thrilled to feature Louie as our October Pet of the Month!

To submit YOUR pet to be featured, visit the Eversheds Sutherland SALT Shaker App, click the Pet of the Month in the drop-down, then click “Submit A Pet.”