Meet Lola, the sweet Boxer mix belonging to Sutherland SALT Associate Doug Upton and his family. Lola turns two years old in May and has been with the Uptons since she was just a six-week-old pup.

She is a confident, sociable girl who is quick to greet everyone she meets. She spends her weekdays at doggy daycare with her many canine friends, and most days, she returns home worn out and ready to relax.


She loves playing tug with her chew toys and enjoys running around the dog park in search of the perfect stick to chew on. She especially enjoys making Doug run after her to take the stick away when he sees that she is no longer chewing, but instead, trying to eat it.

Lola is a very intelligent gal who enjoys her freedom and does not appreciate her family’s attempts to contain her. She has scaled gates to get out of the kitchen and has mastered the art of escaping from her crate—either by simply unlocking the latch or pulling one of the sides loose until she’s able to disassemble it entirely.

This sneaky girl has her own bed but would prefer to sleep with Doug and his wife. Oftentimes, she will wake up Doug in the middle of the night as though she needs to be taken out for a potty break. As soon as Doug is up and out of bed, Lola jumps in and curls up sweetly in Doug’s warm spot.

This clever pup is so very pleased to be January’s Pet of the Month!