Lexi 1.jpgLovely Lexie is owned by Eversheds Sutherland Associate Jessie Eisenmenger.

Lexie is approximately 10 years old, and Jessie adopted her in 2013 from the Anne Arundel County Animal Control shelter. When Jessie first brought her home from the shelter, Lexie was terrified and climbed in a hole between Jessie’s dishwasher and the wall. She hid in there for eight hours before Jessie was able to lure her out with food.

Jessie has a wifi security camera so she can keep an eye on Lexie when Jessie is not home. From what Jessie sees, Lexie just literally just sleeps all day. Living the dream! Lexi 2.jpg



Other interesting things about Lexie:

  • She loves sitting on books or in her kitty cabana.
  • She tolerates Halloween costumes.
  • She loves to show her belly when she is sleeping, but hates having her belly touched.
  • She loves hiding out in cardboard boxes or pillow forts.
  • She loves to cuddle and will follow me around the apartment until I sit down long enough for her to climb in my lap.

We are thrilled that Lexie is our April Pet of the Month!

Lexi 3.jpg