Bathroom pose (002).jpgMeet Leon, the spunky little kitten belonging to Legal Secretary Samantha Duzniak. For the longest time, Sam did not want pets, but things changed when Leon and his sister Daphne were found in the street at just three weeks old. Sam’s sister helped foster the two siblings and ended up adopting Daphne, leaving Leon in need of a home. Sam would receive multiple pictures of Leon with messages of “Adopt me!” from her sister each day over the next several weeks. Eventually, Leon’s cute little face grew too irresistible to deny, and it wasn’t long before he had a home with Sam.

Snuggle time (002).jpgThis sweet boy is now four months old and full of energy! He loves galloping around the kitchen, playing hide and seek, and bird watching. His favorite toys include rubber bands and Mr. Mouse, who unfortunately lost his tail recently during playtime. When the rubber bands shoot across the floor, Leon runs right behind, often crashing into walls, tables and chairs to get to them. Strange as it seems, Leon also loves water. He climbs into the bathtub to watch the water flow from the faucet. Needless to say, the squirt bottle has not been the most effective discipline tool.

Leon has regular play dates with his sister Daphne, and they love wrestling and chasing each other around and around. They wipe each other out, and come back from their play dates exhausted. When this active boy is not galloping around or playing, he loves to snuggle and watch TV with Sam.

We are so excited to feature Leon as our November Pet of the Month!

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