May 2011 Pet of the Month.jpgNo, that’s not a pony, it’s a dog. Meet Kodi, a 100+ pound Great Pyrenees who recently arrived in Seattle. Too big to be shipped or flown, Kodi made the cross-country drive from North Carolina with his owner, Sarah Mohr, a tax manager at Amazon.

Unlike many other SALT Pets of the Month, Kodi spends his day at the office. For Kodi, a hard day’s work in Amazon’s pet-friendly Tax Department entails naps, going on walks, and wondering why all of the other dogs in the office are so small. While he does miss the open spaces May 2011 Pet of the Month 2.jpgof North Carolina, Kodi has quickly adapted to the climate and setting of Seattle, because what dog wouldn’t love going into work with their owner? On his days off, Kodi eagerly awaits Sarah’s return so he can stroll through the streets of Seattle as the great white urban pony.