Valentine’s Day might have come and gone, but there’s still plenty of love to go around, and we just love Lucy, the adorable dog that belongs to Olga Tsipursky, Senior Manager of International Tax at Amazon.

However, Lucy is still looking for her own Ricky Ricardo, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we thought we would give her a paw and feature her dating profile for our February Pet of the Month.

Name: Lucy Tsipursky
Nickname: Lucille
Breed: Tri-Colored Cavalier King Charles
Age: 6. I was basically born on Valentine’s Day (February 15), so I’m a hopeless romantic with a ton of love to give.
Ideal date: A coffee house. Just put a Starbucks puppuccino in my paws and I’m happy dog!
What does your typical weekday look like: I’m generally at the office with Olga first thing in the morning. I’ll join her for some tax meetings, but sometimes I’ll need to excuse myself for another project or important meeting – tracking down food. I’ll then make my rounds around the office, pick a target and stare them down for treats – you would be surprised at how high the success rate is.
Favorite activities: On the weekends, I love going for hikes, playing fetch in the parks (what Lucille doesn’t like a ball??), and lazy day snuggles with Olga when watching a movie.
Favorite outfit: My red Eversheds Sutherland Tax Hoodie of course!
Bad Habit: Olga would say it’s my snoring, but it’s probably how I twist and pull anytime I’m on a leash. I’m perfectly fine when I get to walk off-leash, so I think I should be allowed to walk without a leash all the time!
Special Talent: People tell me that I melt hearts everywhere I go and those who meet me tend to fall in love. I’m calm and friendly and apparently have a cute habit of letting my tongue stick out while sleeping. I think those are a few examples of some of my endearing qualities that hopefully some lucky pup will come to love!

We are thrilled to feature Lucy as our February Pet of the Month!