To ring in the New Year, this month’s SALT pet is not our typical cuddly mammal, but is a friendly part of the family all the same. Meet Greeny, the 4-inch goldfish!

Greeny belongs to Open Weaver Banks, Counsel in the New York office and joined the family in 2006 after Open received an urgent phone call from her daughter’s science teacher. Avery had a rough day, and was hoping she could take one of the class fish home with her as a result. Since that fateful call, Greeny has lived most of his life of luxury on the family’s kitchen counter. Fourteen years later (!) he was upgraded to a deluxe 10-gallon tank to better support his needs as a senior fish.

Greeny’s name might puzzle you, since his shiny, sleek green scales have evolved into his current orange color. But, that’s just how he has grown in the last 15 years! Beyond his daily routine of gobbling up fish flakes, he likes to get grooving once his owners play music, especially with a lot of percussion. He’s a big Richard Blade fan, and according to his family, has impressive lip sync abilities.

We hope Greeny continues to move and groove in 2021! We’re so happy to feature him as our January Pet of the Month.

Greeny and Stella