Thumbnail image for Gracie with toys.jpegMeet Gracie, the two-year-old Rat Terrier who was recently adopted by Atlanta SALT secretary Rether White.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Gracie in the car.jpgRether adopted this sweet girl through an Atlanta-area rescue group about three months ago, and the two are so happy to have found each other.

Gracie has wasted no time making herself right at home. She loves to play fetch and goes crazy over any round object – balls, eggs, a round top to a jar – you name it. She will happily destroy a tennis ball in less than two minutes.

Like most terriers, Gracie is a digger. Unfortunately for Rether, Gracie’s digging sometimes leads to late night baths. Gracie will go outside after midnight, dig a hole and lay in it until Rether traipses through the wet grass to retrieve her. Once inside, it’s bath time – at 1 a.m. Gracie is happy as a clam to spend this quality time with mom during the wee hours of the morning; Rether not so much.

This silly pooch is grateful to be October’s Pet of the Month!