Peek-a-boo, or peekapoo? Meet Freddie, an adorable Pekingese Poodle, a breed affectionately known as peekapoo.

Freddie belongs to SALT associate Cyavash Ahmadi and his wife, who brought Freddie home when he was a few months old. It was love at first woof!

Besides mastering the perfect puppy eyes over the years, he loves cheese (especially gouda!) and whipped cream, and prefers sleeping to athletic runs through his neighborhood in New York. He likes to spend his days watching TV, and is a big fan of Bravo.

In addition to watching his favorite shows, he has a funny habit of growling when he’s craving cold water from a red plastic cup.

Freddie’s a cute boy who has made his mark on the Ahmadi household!

Welcome to the SALT Pet of the Month family, Freddie!