Francois1.jpgMeet Le Petit Prince Francois Malvar (Francois for short). Francois is a seven-month-old adorable Maltipoo belonging to Ana Malvar, Senior Indirect Tax Manager at Microsoft. Francois has a lot of energy and loves to run around and play in the sun. He also loves to cuddle with his mommy. Ana fell in love with Francois instantly when they met, and they have been inseparable ever since. Francois even accompanied Ana on her most recent trip to Seattle and will be joining her there again in a few weeks.Francois2.jpg

Francois has many fans on Instagram and is contemplating starting his own Twitter page. For the Oscars, Francois wore a tux (pictured) and later in the evening had a wardrobe change into a glittery vest and cufflinks. He might be little (only 6.5 pounds), but Francois loves to play with the big dogs, and his best Thumbnail image for Francois3.jpgfriend is a Beagle mix named Chloe. The two even like to share a crate sometimes.

Francois is looking forward to meeting everyone on the Sutherland team!