Meet little miss Emmy! Our August Pet of the Month is a rescue pup of Chris Emigholz, Vice President of Government Affairs at the New Jersey Business & Industry Association.

Emmy is three and a half years old, and was welcomed into the Emigholz family several years ago as a Christmas gift to Chris’ kids. They aren’t quite sure of her breed, but they do think she’s a mix of a retriever and some sort of hound!

As inappropriate as it may be, she loves anything sweet, including Twizzlers, gummy bears and marshmallows.

Her affinity for sweet treats is matched by her love for walks with her family, as well as long car rides. She’s very loving, and has no concept of her size, often wanting to jump into your lap or next to you in bed.

When she was a young puppy, she ran out of the front door in front of Chris. A pursuit ensued, and Chris followed her for two hours until he finally was able to lure her with a piece of meat into someone else’s backyard about a mile from home. The police even got involved and laughed at how fast she was.

We’re excited to welcome troublemaking Emmy into the Pet of the Month crew!