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Meet Dolce, the three-year-old female doxie mix of Sutherland SALT partner Carley Roberts. Dolce is one of her mom’s favorites in a large family of five dogs, five cats, five horses and two goats (for full coverage of Carley and husband Jeremy’s clan, check out our April Fool’s 2012 SALT Shaker newsletter).  Carley and Jeremy fostered Dolce at only four weeks old. At the time, Dolce had scabies and an upper respiratory infection with little hope of surviving, and she accompanied Carley everywhere for the next six weeks.

Carley and Dolce’s special bond has endured. Now healthy and happy, Dolce continues to come to the office when Carley is not traveling. (Yes, “dog friendly” was a key factor in Sutherland SALT’s search for Sacramento office space!) When not working on SALT matters, Dolce assists Jeremy in his profession—she is a trained and registered service dog and helps Jeremy, a speech and language service provider, in his work with autistic children.

But more important than Dolce’s impressive work ethic is her sweet and gentle nature. Marking the start of their tradition of naming their dogs after alcohol-related beverages, Carley and Jeremy named Dolce after Far Niente’s “Dolce” dessert wine. The winemakers call the wine “liquid gold,” which reminded Carley of Dolce’s coloring. The fact that “dolce” also means “sweet” in Italian made Dolce the perfect name for this very sweet Pet of the Month.