CushSleeping2.jpgMeet Cush, the handsome five-year-old dachshund-corgi mix belonging to Sutherland SALT Partner, Carley Roberts, and her husband Jeremy.

Carley and Jeremy never thought they’d add a seventh dog to their extensive furry family. However, after many months of random visits from this sweet boy, who happily wandered over to their 10-acre property from a neighbor’s yard multiple times a week, they decided he should stay.

The Roberts spoke to their neighbor and learned that Cush was a child of divorce and actually belonged to the neighbor’s daughter who lived elsewhere and could no longer keep him. To her credit, the neighbor admitted to not being much of a dog person and agreed that Cush would be much happier with the Roberts.

Cush now enjoys the good life and loves to lounge in the sun on the deck, accompany his parents to Home Depot and Green Acres, and play fetch. He has several favorite toys and is the only one in the pack who will stand on his hind legs and lower his head deep into the toy basket to 

choose a toy and initiate some play time.


Cush loves his new family and is so proud to be February’s Pet of the Month!