Thumbnail image for Pet of the Month - Chloe 1.jpgMeet Chloe, the yellow Labrador Retriever of Atlanta’s newest Sutherland SALT associate, Suzanne Palms, and her boyfriend, Jeremiah. Suzanne, a self-proclaimed neat freak, was never a dog person, having grown up with outdoor cats. However, her desire for a furry companion outweighed her love of a spotless space after befriending her law school roommate’s black Lab, Grace. It was not long after sharing her home with the adorable Grace that Suzanne was begging for a Lab of her own! 

Jeremiah purchased Chloe as a Christmas present for Suzanne from a breeder on a farm in middle-of-nowhere Florida. Chloe was a patient study partner while Suzanne finished law school in Florida and was an excellent roommate even in the close quarters of Suzanne’s 500-square-foot Washington, DC condo during Suzanne’s LL.M. program at Georgetown. As a lover of space and sunshine, Chloe is thrilled that Suzanne decided relocate one more time to join Sutherland’s Atlanta office. Chloe now lives in doggy luxury in a house with a yard, where she loves to play fetch and relax outside, and she always loves going on a run with Mom.Pet of the Month - Chloe 2.JPG

True to her breed, Chloe is a smart cookie. She understands the meaning of all kinds of words, including the name of each one of her toys and her dining options – “breakfast,” “dinner,” and “treat.”

Suzanne and Jeremiah dote on Chloe so much that Chloe has started to think of herself as a human. In fact, whenever Chloe goes to doggie daycare, she prefers spending time with the staff rather than with the other dogs. She loves being the center of attention, and her tail is wagging extra fast at the thought of being selected as Pet of the Month.