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Meet Caldwell, the newest family member of Eversheds Sutherland Associate Todd Betor and his fiancée Michelle. Caldwell, a Kentucky gentleman, is a six-month-old Labradoodle. Before joining Todd and Michelle, Caldwell’s blue steel look captured their hearts from the computer screen. Michelle’s “puppy proposal” sealed the deal, and Todd was off to the Blue Grass State. Michelle, Todd and Caldwell have not looked back since.

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When not sleeping, Caldwell enjoys being out on the town, racking up OpenTable points and the hearts of wait-staff throughout the DC area. In addition to his affinity for dining al fresco with some “Sauvignon Bark,” Caldwell has completed two 5Ks and is eager to have another go at the waves of the Atlantic.

Caldwell 3.jpg

Caldwell is also very fond of playing “pick something up and jump on the couch with it.” The object of the game is for you to catch him getting something that he should not. Rest assured, as long as the item is not a makeup brush, it will be unharmed. Hijinks aside, Caldwell’s party tricks include knowing the meaning of sit, down, place, come, leave it and drop it. He is always ready to show off!


We are thrilled to feature Caldwell as our July Pet of the Month!

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