Former Tax Executives Institute (TEI) President Neil Traubenberg and his wife Joan recently added a new member to their family, Bo, a one-year-old Whoodle (Wheaton Terrier/Poodle mix).

When their daughter Lauren was looking for a new dog, they brought their eight-year-old Schnoodle, Thai, to see if he would get along with the new puppy. Well Thai and Bo became instant friends, and it was clear to the family that these two dogs belonged together. So, the Bo/Thai or Thai/Bo connection was born. And, Lauren did, in fact, go home with her own German Shepherd puppy.

Tending more to the poodle side when it comes to appearances, Bo’s jet black exterior makes her nearly invisible on summer nights. In the winter, she sticks out like a sore thumb in the Wisconsin snow. In the year since Neil and Joan brought Bo home, she has grown from half Thai’s size to more than double his size.

As a larger dog, Bo needs a little more exercise and takes regular walks with Neil. She loves to find a large stick that she can carry and use as her scepter so she can put on a regal walk for all to see. She also loves when her “cousins” Frankie and Greta come over to play. They will run themselves ragged in the backyard. Just when you think someone is going to get hurt, they roll in the grass together with their tongues hanging out.

She is still a puppy though, and while she has gotten past most of her problems of chewing anything she could get her paws on, she made it her goal to chew through all four corners of her new dog bed this year.

We are thrilled to feature Bo as our January Pet of the Month!