Meet Blue, the lovable feline companion of Sutherland SALT admin, Antonia Saenz. An avid Los Angeles Dodgers fan, Tonia named him for the color “Dodger Blue.” He also goes by Boo Boy, Mr. Man Head and My Handsomeness.

Blue is just over three years old and was adopted by Tonia at an animal shelter in Indiana. Tonia only had Blue for two months when she moved back to California, and the two made the long trek over five days in the middle of winter.



Blue is a sociable boy and loves playing with his best friend Frosty, who belongs to Tonia’s roommate. They never get tired of chasing each other around the house no matter the time of day. Blue will play with anything he can get his paws on, including cat and kid toys, coasters, keys and phones. And all that play time works up an appetite! Whenever Tonia opens the fridge, Blue pushes past her and tries to climb in. He knows where to find the treats. Turkey lunch meat is his favorite!

This silly kitty often tries to “talk” to Tonia. He’ll look right at her, and open and close his mouth several times without making a sound. He’s probably asking for more turkey. When Blue is not chasing Frosty, playing with toys or trying to talk, you can find him sitting by an open window enjoying the breeze. 

Blue is so happy to be August’s Pet of the Month!