Meet Bingo! Better than any board game, Bingo is a one-year-old French bulldog belonging to Eversheds Sutherland Partner Charlie Kearns and his family. Bingo earned his moniker from Charlie’s daughter, Ella, and the origin of his name still remains a mystery.

Bingo’s favorite “approved” treats are Greenies, which are good for his teeth. But, he has several “unapproved” favorites, which shall remain undisclosed.

He also used to a have a dual bad habit, munching on both crayons and legos; but, after a late night visit to the emergency room, Bingo’s mom and dad had to nip his extracurricular activities in the bud.

He doesn’t limit his taste to off limits treats or activities. His favorite musician is David Bowie, especially the Berlin Trilogy, and his favorite athlete is former Washington Nationals ace Max Scherzer.

When he isn’t stirring up trouble or focused on sports, Bingo likes to nap, cuddle, snore, go to the dog park, make funny faces and chase Ella around the house. He’ll occasionally go for walks or play ball, but he has to be in the mood.

Welcome to the SALT Pet of the Month family, Bingo! We’re happy to have you.