Thumbnail image for benson.jpgMeet Benson, the handsome three-year-old chocolate lab belonging to Stephen DiGennaro, Sutherland’s Marketing Technology Manager and one of the creators of the Sutherland SALT Shaker app.

Named after Law & Order SVU’s Detective Olivia Benson, this sweet boy has been a member of the DiGennaro family since he was just eight weeks old and loves being a spoiled only child. Benson is an excellent swimmer and enjoys playing fetch. His favorite toy is “Blue,” a chewy latex toy that can be stuffed with treats.

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Even without any brothers or sisters, Benson is a very well-socialized pup who has learned to share and play nicely with others. This lucky boy has loads of puppy pals he sees during the week. While Dad’s at work Monday through Friday, Benson attends a local doggy day camp with about 50 other dogs. He can’t wait to tell them that he’s October’s Pet of the Month!