Asa 2.jpg

Meet Asa, frequently known as “Doodle,” an Australian Shepherd belonging to Sarah Wellings, Director – State and Local Tax at Comcast. 
Adopted in the Finger Lake region of New York, this sweet boy celebrated his tenth birthday in August and has been with Sarah since he was just a pup.

Asa is an indoor dog who loves the great outdoors. His favorite activities include swimming, playing Frisbee and hiking. He can be seen enjoying a hike in the Adirondack Mountains last summer in the picture below. Because he is a herding dog, his pack instinct is very strong, and he always wants to be with his people. When he’s put outside, he stays as close to them as he can by lying up against the door until he’s let back in.

This silly guy is incredibly sweet-tempered and loves all people, especially kids. His only dislike is the recorder used by Sarah’s son, Noah. Whenever Noah plays it, Asa runs up to him and licks at his mouth to make him stop.

Asa is very pleased to be December’s Pet of the Month!