Meet April! This sweet lady belongs to Mark Coffeen, Director of U.S. Federal Taxes at Lear.

April is the perfect mix of Border Collie and Springer Spaniel, and joined the Coffeen family in 2011. According to Mark and his wife, Nancy, it was love at first sight at a local humane society. His son, Chris, dubbed her April so she could match their other shelter pet at the time, May.

Since her daily food isn’t too tasty, she loves to go for a ride to Mark’s local frozen custard stand for a delicious “pup cup” – a small serving of vanilla frozen custard with a dog treat! When she isn’t devouring her sweet treat, she loves to go on walks with her family or spend time on the couch watching TV. While she may be a furry friend, she becomes animated when there are other dogs on the screen!

She’s occasionally visited by her best dog friend, Rocco, for play time while she’s outside, but don’t let that fool you – she has no time for dog toys. She also prefers you rub her belly, please.

Her only bad habit is that she’s afraid of storms, and as a result, she likes to stretch out in Mark’s bed. She knows the basic commands such as sit, stay, down and wait. One of her unique features is that in addition to barking, she almost “talks” sometimes and can be lovably sassy!


We’re pleased to feature April this month!