Mark and Annie.JPGMeet Annie, the lovable, six-year-old Sheltie of Sutherland’s Managing Partner, Mark Wasserman and his wife, Rebekah. After years of begging, Mark and Rebekah finally gave in and got Annie for their sons, who promised to always feed and take care of her. And while that may not have turned out to be true, the Wassermans love their sweet Annie, who greets them every day as if she has not seen them in years.

The Wassermans think Annie is the most wonderful dog, except for one slight character flaw—she is one of the most easily startled dogs you will ever meet. She is extremely playful and affectionate, but be sure not to make any loud noises, or Annie will run for cover. In fact, her least favorite day of the week is Monday, when the garbage collector makes its Annie 1.JPGrounds and scares Annie into hiding all morning.

Although she is timid, Annie is anything but shy about her love for playing fetch and eating. In fact, she is known to bring her toy to Mark, ready to play, and nudge him until he obliges. She also is sure to remind Rebekah when it is time to be fed, particularly if she realizes Rebekah might be leaving the house soon; Annie will stand guard at the door, barking and blocking Rebekah’s path to make sure she receives dinner.

Annie is excited to be the SALT Pet of the Month but asks that you congratulate her very, very quietly!