Amos and John_pet of the month.JPGWe are pleased to present Amos, the beautiful Italian Greyhound of long-time Sutherland SALT friend John Kinney (Time Warner Inc.) as our November Pet of the Month.

Amos, who is named after the Hebrew prophet and sheep herder, was born in Tennessee to a pair of famous show dogs. Although he is a handsome lad, Amos was relegated to “pet quality” status after it became apparent that he has only one “do-dad” (to quote John). Amos has since directed his talents toward snuggling and insists on sleeping under the covers, even during the heat of summer.

Amos enjoys the good life. As a result of his soy allergy, Amos thrives on a gourmet diet of organic brown rice, beef, olive oil, and parsley (yum!) that John’s partner, Omar, prepares specially for him. Not surprising, Amos is obsessed with food and is always hungry despite his slender frame. He has developed a keen passion for squirrels and fire hydrants, and other city aromas.

Amos splits his time among three homes—Brooklyn Heights, the Hudson Valley, and John’s ranch in Nebraska—but prefers the Hudson Valley home because the radiators are uncovered and really blast the heat that a 103-degree dog needs. He is also an experienced world traveler, having made numerous visits to Madrid, Burbank, Miami Beach, and Washington, D.C.