Abby close up.jpgThis month, we are revisiting one of our prior Pets of the Month for a “Closer Look” follow up. This month we honor Abby Fulps, who previously shared her Pet of the Month glory with her sister Olive in 2012. Abby is a female Boston Terrier belonging to Stephanie Fulps, Sacramento SALT Office Coordinator/Paralegal and her husband Jason.abby super model 2.jpg

Also known as Abby Fabulous, Abby-licious, and the Queen, Abby will be 13 years young in May.

Stephanie found Abby’s adoption ad online in early February 2007 on the fourth page of a Google search for “Sacramento Boston Terrier adoption.” In her ad photo, Abby was wearing a black bandana with red kiss marks around her neck and the ad read, “My name is Abby. I am two years old. I get along with other dogs. I do not like cats.” Stephanie was instantly smitten and called the number and spoke to Abby’s owner who told Stephanie that her husband’s Rottweiler was the dominant dog of the house and that Abby wasn’t getting the attention she deserved. It turned out that Abby lived less than a mile away, and Stephanie and Jason were able to meet her that evening. By the weekend, Abby was living in her new home.

abby in grass 2015.jpg

As she’s gotten older, Abby has become much more affectionate. For the longest time, it seemed she would only tolerate being pet, but now she sits with Stephanie every evening for an after work puppy rub-down. When Stephanie stops massaging long enough to take a bite of dinner or change the channel, Abby looks her in the eye and paws at her in protest.

This special gal is so pleased to be March’s Pet of the Month!

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