David Lacey and Abbie.jpgMeet Abbie, the newest addition to the Sutherland SALT family. New York associate David Pope and his girlfriend, Lacey Zoller, adopted Abbie when the holiday spirit overtook them last month. Although David and Lacey were initially interested in getting a small, apartment-friendly dog, they immediately fell for Abbie, the rescue worker’s favorite.

The shelter claims that Abbie is an American and English bulldog mix, but David and Lacey suspectAbbie with Tennis Ball.jpg that she is really part bulldog, part pig and part alligator. Abbie is a loud snorer, drools incessantly, and loves to snort, give paw and do “Abbie alligator” rolls around the house to get her belly rubbed. Her long body, short legs, and giant head have convinced David and Lacey that Abbie is actually a special “three-in-one” animal.

Abbie is fairly clueless when it comes to doggie manners. Although she was initially rebuffed with fierce teeth and a solid snap by a large Weimaraner at the dog park, to Abbie, that simply meant “Hey, maybe I moved too fast; let’s try that again in about 30 seconds.” Her curiosity and persistence have paid off, because the Weimaraner eventually gave up and is now her new best friend.