As we continue to follow through on stay-at-home orders, Eversheds Sutherland Associate Lexi Louderback has found a new Rae of sunshine to help keep her occupied. Meet Rae, a 10-week old, golden doodle puppy.

Rae was born right before the stay-at-home order began, so it’s been a challenge to teach her that people other than Lexi exist in the world. The quarantine might have prevented Rae from receiving all of her shots, but that hasn’t stopped Lexi from making sure Rae socializes with others. Each night Lexi and Rae go for a walk, well at least Lexi does. Lexi will carry Rae around the neighborhood and show her that there are other people and dogs. Rae has already become very popular, with neighbors waiting to wave to her from their porch each night. As they’re walking, Lexi will also hold Rae out like Simba at Pride Rock for other dogs walking on the street, so Rae can socialize with them too.

Rae has been very quiet so far, and Lexi keeps losing her around the house. She will find a small area to crawl in and fall asleep, and you can usually find her in the kitchen pantry or under the bed.

Rae is still a little too young to learn any tricks, but Lexi is working with her on the most important trick of them all – potty training.

We are thrilled to feature Rae as our April Pet of the Month!